Youth hockey association in Amherst, NY.

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To Set Time:

1.                  Push “set”

2.                  Push “time”

3.                  Enter length of time of period            ex.10:00

4.                  Push “yes”

5.                  Push “time” to display it on console


To Set Penalty:

1.                  Push “set”

2.                  Push “home penalty” or “visitor penalty”

3.                  Enter length of penalty ex. 1:00

4.                  Push “yes”

5.                  Enter player’s # ex. 06, 08, 12 etc.


To Clear Penalty:

1.                  Push “home penalty” or “visitor penalty”

2.                  Push “penalty clear” – NOTE: If you want to clear 2nd penalty push home or visitor twice.

3.                  Push “yes”


To Enter Score:

1.                  Push “home score” or “visitor score”

2.                  Push “1”

3.                  Push “time” to have time displayed on console