Youth hockey association in Amherst, NY.

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After researching hockey and sport and child development practices from around the globe, USA Hockey has developed a program that will provide a better future for all. All ages. All talent levels. All organizations. All of hockey. This program
is the American Development Model (ADM).
Starting with the 2012-13 Season, the focus is on the 8-and-under players, and USA Hockey has rolled out Red, White & Blue Hockey, a cross-ice program that puts the emphasis on fun and skill development rather than wins and losses.
At the New York State Amateur Hockey Association meeting last May,  member associations, including Amherst Youth Hockey, voted overwhelmingly to restrict all mite and younger players to cross-ice programs beginning with the 2012 season and every season going forward.
Because we are convinced that this is best for our young players,  Amherst Youth Hockey has begun to implement Red, White & Blue Hockey at our Novice, Micron and Mite levels for the 2010-2011 season, and expect to be in full compliance with NYSAHA's directive by 2012.

Amherst Youth Hockey has been an ADM Model Association since 2013 and the Micron ad Mite levels are part of this model.
Below, you'll find a wealth of valuable information on the American Development Model, and Red, White & Blue Hockey.
Resources:             ADM Guide 2010 (pdf)
                             Red, White & Blue Hockey(pdf)
                             USA Hockey's ADM Website (link)
                             Parent's Introduction to Youth Hockey (pdf)
Still have questions concerning Amherst Youth Hockey's implementation of Red, White & Blue Hockey
          - ADM Coordinator