youth hockey association in Amherst, NY

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When does the season start?

     House league begins with evaluations in September.  The season will end in mid March on Super Sunday.  There are no evaluations for Novice and Micron Red, whose ice times will begin the 1st weekend of October.

Whose team are we on ??

     You will be contacted about one week after evaluations. House league teams are chosen by a blind draft.  Only the head coach and one assistant coach may have their children assigned to a team.

     Here’s a little info to help you know what happens after your registration is sent in.  Evaluations are held for all players EXCEPT NOVICE AND MICRON RED.  You will be contacted by your convener (level coordinator), about a week before evaluations, usually held in mid September.  After sorting through the evaluation scores, teams are chosen by a BLIND DRAFT, usually held a week later.  The blind draft assists us in attempting to have balanced competition throughout a particular division.

When are our ice times?

     Novice and Micron usually skate weekend mornings. The weekday ice will always be after 5. Your coach will provide you with your team schedule.

When does Novice skate?

     Novice, micron, and mite players often skate on Saturdays and Sundays, although other ice times may be scheduled.

When are evaluations?

     Evaluations are typically held in mid-September.

How many times a week do we skate?

     Typically house league teams skate two times per week.  Initially, both sessions are a practice.  It then goes to one practice and one game per week.  Since our Novice program is designed to teach the newest players the fundamentals of hockey, there are fewer games as we continue to emphasize skill development. The exception to this rule is the Mite level, they are on the ice 3 times a week; one day during the week and then every Saturday & Sunday.

I missed the registration date can my child still play?

     We try to avoid turning away any child. If openings are available at your child’s level we will place him/her on a team.

How will I know my child is registered?

     You will be contacted by e-mail confirming your child(s) registration after all registration materials and payment are submitted in accordance with our registration process.  If you do not receive a an email for evaluations, please contact the AYH Registrar by e-mail ( ), or by telephone at 631-0850.

My child cannot make evaluations, what should I do?

     If your child is unable to attend evaluations please let your level convener know.  

When are the Burlington-Lorne Park Tournament Dates?

     Each year Mites through Pee Wee participate in a Friendship Tournament with Burlington and Lorne Park, Ontario Canada. The dates are usually the first weekends of December and February.

Who will answer my questions during the season?

     Questions and problems not handled by your coach please contact your level convener and if he/she cannot be of help you should contact the V.P. of House. A list of all Amherst Youth Hockey board members are listed on the website. You can contact Amherst Youth Hockey on the web at or by calling 631-0850.


 • Any other Questions can be directed to: 631-0850, or .  Please be specific with your request, and your e-mail will be answered with 48 hours.