Youth hockey association in Amherst, NY.

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The Amherst Youth hockey association was started back in 1964 when the Audubon rink was first built. The cost to participate was $5.00 to register and 25 cents every time you went on the ice. The Principle people involved were William E. Russell, Barney March, Bob Westphal, Bud Aschbacher, Frank Sykes, Gary Mitchell, Don Satchell, Harvey Rogers, H. Jarvis (Jerry) Turner, Bob Sacha, Jim Wurzer, Danny Guynn, Skip Harrington, John Brownschidle, Thomas Burke, Charles Kramer, Richard Johnston, Drury Williford, Ray Cotter, H. Hamilton, W. Leahy, Leo Lynett, Phil Boudreau, Frank Mathewson, R. Weisenborn, Robert Carver and probably many more too numerous to mention.

The Recreation Director at the time was Arthur D. Kobus along with the recreation commission William Christman, John Chalmers, Omar J. Lane, John Hoelscher, and William J. Regan.

The Association during its second year of existence had the opportunity to host the NY State Peewee Championship in March of 1965. Some of the familiar players in that tournament included Kevin McGuire, Chuck Sykes, Terry Brownschidle, Terry Sykes, Bill Bush, Mark Aschbacher, Pete Hunt, Sean Mccrossan, Ed McGuire, Keith Metzger, Brian Cavanaugh, Gary Hill, Ray Weil, Bill Graf, Mike Hanretty, David Smith, Mike Caruana and Jay Hill!