Youth hockey association in Amherst, NY.

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  • Heintz Maier Scholarship


Bob Allen Scholarship


Four (4) scholarships of $2000.00 each will be awarded.  


1. Senior in a New York High School, or a New York State resident attending a prep school.

2. New York State Amateur Hockey Association member (past or present)

3. Plan to attend a four-year, two-year, or vocational school full-time (12 credit hours or more).


1. All Applications must be postmarked prior to April 1st and sent to Doug Ackley at 926 Shipmaster Court, Annapolis, MD 21401. The application must be typed or printed neatly.

2.  Provide three (3) recommendations from people that are not members of your family.  Use the forms provided.   

3.  Submit a sealed/stamped high school transcript (3.5 years) with the application.

Evaluation Criteria

The grading rubric is posted on the NYSAHA website. (Points will be awarded for participation in each activity):

1 Academic status. 2 Number of years as a member of NYS Amateur Hockey Association. 3 Scholastic Honors/Awards 4 Curricular and extracurricular activities. 5 Positions of leadership were held. 6 Community-related activities. 7 Letters of recommendation. 8 Applicant essay.

The application can be printed out from the NYS website at Once on the site, click on Scholarship Program.




James W. Vogel Memorial Scholarship

The preferred criteria for the James W. Vogel Memorial Scholarship Fund are as follows:

James W. Vogel Memorial Scholarship

The preferred criteria for the James W. Vogel Memorial Scholarship Fund are as follows

  1. Each applicant should be a senior in high school applying to a two or four-year college or university.
  2. Each applicant should have participated in the Amherst Youth Hockey Association House League, Town Team, or a combination of both for six full seasons.
  3. The scholarship should be awarded for the first year of college only and paid directly to the college.
  4. The eligible applicants should be certified to the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo by the Committee of the Association consisting of the President, Vice President, and Registrar.
  5. Relative need between all applicants should be a consideration but not the sole consideration of the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo.
  6. Character and recommendations should be considered by the Foundation.

Students should go to the  website after January 1st to obtain the application. The application is due at the Foundation or postmarked with an official USPS on or before May 1st with the supported materials due at the Foundation, or postmarked with an official USPS mark by May 1st. If students do not meet the preferred criteria listed below, please still encourage them to apply since we have over 70 scholarship funds for students with financial need. Scholarships are restricted to permanent residents of one of the eight counties of WNY; attending or planning to attend an accredited nonprofit school; full-time students at the undergraduate level with at least a 2.0 or "C" average.

Anyone with further questions concerning the James W. Vogel Memorial Scholarship Fund should contact:

Michelle Tomasula, Program Associate
Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo
712 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14202
(716) 852-2857 Fax: (716) 852-2861




Jolly Boys of Williamsville Scholarship

Who can apply for a CSI Scholarship?

All college-bound high school seniors who reside within the Town of Amherst or Village of Williamsville are eligible to apply.  

How do I apply for a CSI Scholarship?

Complete a CSI Application form and see that all supporting materials are sent by mail to:

JOLLY BOYS OF WILLIAMSVILLE • PO Box 531 • Williamsville, NY • 14231

Where can I get an application form?  

Application forms and instruction sheets are available online or through any of Amherst's five public high schools the three private secondary schools; Christian Central Academy, Park School, and Sacred Heart Academy; plus, Canisius High School and St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute.

When are the applications due?

The deadline for all materials is traditionally the first Saturday in March (postmark). This allows enough time for the Jolly Boys Scholarship Committee time to review all the applications thoroughly and select the winners in time for an announcement early in May.

What do we Look at?

Community involvement, personal goals, evidence of an enterprising spirit, academic achievement, and financial need are among the criteria we look at in selecting winners.