Youth hockey association in Amherst, NY.

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Amherst Youth Hockey Team Mangers

This page will be used to post helpful documents or Web Site "Tips" which will assist you when communicating with your AYH Travel or House Team.

"Live" Schedule Notification and Team "Reminder" Notification

All Teams have been set up with the "Live" Notification flag OFF; this was done purposefully to avoid Team members from being bombarded with e-mails when the Coaches/Managers began inputting their schedules, or if scheduling errors were made.  Once you have updated your schedule, you can e-mail "blast" your whole Team by going on to the Roster page and clicking the "e-mail the Team" link.

E-mail and/or Text Messaging reminders (for games and/or practices) can go out to Team members if they choose by following the steps below.  You, as Team Admin for the website, will need to perform these steps on each Team member (and their Parent's records if the Parent's e-mail and cell phone contact info is different than their children's).

1) Log in to the AYH site using your Team Admin password.
2) Select Roster under the Team tab at the top of the site.
3) Click on the edit icon to the left of each player's name (looks like a pad and pencil)
4) In the middle of the player's record page under the e-mail is a "Remind Of" with two boxes to the right (game and practice).  Check the appropriate box.
5) If the Team member wants to receive Text message reminders also, you need to make sure the cell # is in the cell field, and you need to select "Cell Provider" from the drop-down.
6) Click submit at bottom of the page.
7) If Parent contact info is different than Players, you need to go back to the Roster page and click on each Parent name and perform the same steps noted above.

Northtown Center Scoreboard Instructions
Click HERE for a copy of the game clock instructions.

Team Manager Web Site Manual
Click HERE for a copy of the Manual.