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               Amherst Youth Hockey is proud to announce its inaugural Spring 3-on-3 hockey league.  This league is ideal for players looking to further develop their skills, including shooting, passing, conditioning, and hockey intelligence.  The 3-on-3 cross-ice format will encourage players to play at a quicker pace and make real time decisions while emphasizing Spring hockey fun.  All games are no checking, which encourages skill development and fast action shifts.


               During the 8-week season, each team will participate in 2 games per session, approximately 30 minutes per game, resulting in a 16-game season.  League games will be used to seed teams for the final playoff game.  Teams will consist of approximately 9 skaters and 1 goalie.  Registration also includes a spring hockey jersey.


               Our goal is simple: create a fun and competitive environment where players can develop their skills in fast paced game scenarios.  This is an opportunity for players to get excited about scoring goals, creating opportunities, making game altering saves, and teamwork.  


Amherst Youth Hockey’s inaugural 3-on-3 cross-ice  hockey league season begins on Saturday, May 8th and runs through Sunday, June 27th.    Click the link to register.


2020 COVID participation guidelines as of 2/1/2021




Northtown Center at Amherst COVID-19 Procedures ***As of February 1, 2021***


  • General Information


  • Skaters, coaches, and spectators agree to stay home if they are ill, symptomatic, or believe they have been in contact with anyone who may have COVID-19 or symptoms of COVID-19.
    • Each team is responsible for screening all athletes, coaches, and spectators for COVID-19 symptoms for every team event, including practices, scrimmages, games, andtournaments.
  • Sports programs that operate as an organization in New York State are required to follow NY forward guidelines and the Erie County Department of Health Guidance
    • All athletes, coaches and spectators are also required to follow the New York State Travel Advisory
    • Everyone using the facility must maintain the proper social distancing of the recommended 6 feet.
    • All coaches and spectators must always wear a mask while in the facility.
      • Ice sports participants, except for coaches, may remove their mask while on the ice.
    • Coaches are responsible for notifying visiting teams of the COVID-19 procedures.


  • Spectators


  • There is one (1) spectator allowed per on ice participant.
  • Spectators are required to accompany the participant into the facility for admittance.
    • Spectators arriving by themselves will not be allowed inside of the facility.
  • There is no readmittance of spectators once they leave the facility.
  • Spectators must maintain social distancing and should not be gather in groups.


  • Arrival to the Northtown Center


  • Patrons must use a parking space when dropping off and picking up participants instead of a vehicle standing in the front or back of the building.
    • Vehicles in No Standing and No Parking zones will impact the flow of traffic and cause unsafe conditions for those crossing the roadway.
  • Coaches must arrive 35 minutes prior to the scheduled ice time.
  • Athletes, coaches, and spectators will not be allowed into the facility until thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled ice time.
  • Coaches must provide a team roster to the designated Guest Services representative for verification of official team coaches and managers.
  • Athletes should arrive either fully dressed or partially dressed to limit the amount of time spent in a locker room.
  • Dressing and/or undressing in any area except for a locker room will result in suspension of facility use.
    • For participants on the Feature and Olympic Rinks
      • Enter the east entrance (flagpole side) of the facility.
    • For participants on Rink #1 and Rink #2
      • Enter the west entrance (hotel side) of the facility.
    • Athletes, coaches, and spectators should use hand sanitizer immediately upon entering the building.
    • All patrons are required to use the temperature check stations at the designated entrance.
    • The temperature stations are for monitoring purposes and there are no recorded images.
      • If someone has an abnormal temperature reading, they will be allowed to re-test.
      • If they have a 2nd abnormal reading, they must leave the facility immediately.
    • Masks should be worn when testing.
      • If someone has eyeglasses they should be removed before testing
    • Athletes, coaches, and spectators should proceed to the designated waiting area.
      • Designated Waiting Areas
      • Rink #1 & Rink #2 - In front of the concession area
        • Feature & Olympic Rinks – To the right of the stairway when you enter.
    • Athletes, coaches, and spectators must follow the signage to properly enter the facility.
    • The accessible entrance will be for those who have a physical disability only.
    • Any person not following the Northtown Center COVID-19 procedures will be reported to the designated coach. The designated coach will be responsible for ensuring that all guidelines are always followed.


  • Inside the Northtown Center


  • Bathrooms will be open for patrons.
  • One (1) locker room will be provided for each team and the coach will be responsible formonitoring social distancing, mask wearing and locker room capacity.
    • Properly social distanced space (6 feet) will be available for the skaters to get dressed.
      • Showers will not be available to ensure prompt exit time.
    • Water fountains will be closed off and skaters must bring their own water bottle.
    • Hand sanitizer will be fully stocked and readily available.
    • A designated employee will continuously monitor and clean the high traffic areas.


  • Training


  • Athletes must conduct all warmup activities prior to arrival at the facility.
  • No off ice or dry land training is allowed inside of the facility.
  • Coaches are required to always supervise the athletes while inside the facility including the time prior to and immediately following the activity.
  • All athletes must use their own personal equipment, essential items only, and must remove these items when leaving the facility.
    • Coaches are further responsible for monitoring the spectators that are accompanying the athletes.


  • Departure of the Northtown Center


  • Locker room showers are not available for use.
  • Skaters and coaches must exit the facility no later than 15 minutes after the session ends.