AYH Hall of Fame

Year Inducted Name
1977 John Brownschidle
1977 John Dennis
1977 Patrick Rimar
1977 Peter Updike
1978 Jim Degen
1978 Jim Harbison
1980 William Adams
1980 John Clifford
1980 Heinz Maier
1980 John Wall
1981 Ray Cotter
1981 Harold Hamilton
1981 Frank Sykes
1982 Charles Kramer
1982 Leo Lynett Jr
1983 Jack Heim
1984 William Russell
1984 Drury Williford
1985 Wayne Au
1985 Harry Wells
1986 Bob Adams
1986 Walter Hoffman
1987 Neil Harris
1988 Richard Baldwin
1989 Gene Harrington
1989 Frank Klipstein
1989 Peter Schneider
1990 Norman Greene
1991 Art Harris
1991 Chuck Kass
1992 Susan Marchant
1992 Joseph Swalcy
1993 Doug Harbison
1993 Peter Marchant
1994 Robert Rosen
1995 Ernie Delisanti
1995 Tom Farkas
1996 Gary Cutler
1997 Bill Groff
1999 Bruce Pleskow
2000 Ken Hanson
2001 Frank Bellanti
2001 James D'Angelo
2001 Tom Young
2002 Bill Higgins
2002 Tom Tzetzo
2003 Greg Kayne
2003 Peter Morris
2003 Kevin Wagner
2004 Dennis Henesey
2005 John Centola
2005 Mike Lucey
2006 Duane (Gus) Evans
2006 Tim Smallwood
2007 Greg Bauer
2007 Pat Gormley
2008 Dave Chambers
2008 Hubert Jeras
2009 Tom Degen
2009 Mike Sawicki
2010 Rob Eimer
2010 Bob Fleischman
2011 John Hannon
2011 Gary Joseph
2011 Bob Schell
2012 Brian Charlton
2012 Rich MacLean
2012 Dave Silverberg
2013 Dave Hayman
2013 Bob Schreck
2014 Tim DiGiulio
2014 Jeff Hughes
2014 Darren Palaszewski
2015 Stuart Gossels
2015 Jack Quigley
2016 Joseph Spano
2016 Richard Van Dette
2017 Ed Guzdek
2018 Rich Beaudet
2018 Steve Bengart
2019 Marc Rosenthal
2022 Scott Mosher


The Amherst Youth Hockey Hall of Fame is a tribute to the individuals who have made a significant contribution to the community of Amherst, NY through their dedication and service as volunteers. The Hall of Fame is a celebration of their hard work and selfless commitment to the development of youth hockey in the area.

Each year, a new group of volunteers is inducted into the Amherst Youth Hockey Hall of Fame, and their names are added to the table of members. The table serves as a record of their achievements and as a source of inspiration for the youth of today who aspire to follow in their footsteps.

The values and qualities displayed by the members of the Amherst Youth Hockey Hall of Fame are ones that we strive to teach our youth of today. These values include teamwork, dedication, commitment, sportsmanship, and a passion for the game of hockey. Through the examples set by the Hall of Fame members, we hope to instill these same values in the next generation of young athletes and community leaders.

The table lists the Hall of Fame members by the year they were inducted.


Over the years, the Amherst Youth Hockey Association has become one of the most successful and respected youth hockey organizations in the region. The association has produced many talented players who have gone on to play at the high school, college, and even professional levels.

One of the reasons for the association's success has been its commitment to excellence in coaching and training. The association's coaches are highly trained and dedicated individuals who work tirelessly to help young players develop their skills and reach their full potential.

In addition to coaching and training, the association also places a strong emphasis on sportsmanship and character development. Through a variety of programs and initiatives, the association helps young players to develop the values and qualities that are essential to success both on and off the ice.

The Amherst Youth hockey association was started back in 1964 when the Audubon rink was first built. The cost to participate was $5.00 to register and 25 cents every time you went on the ice. The Principle people involved were William E. Russell, Barney March, Bob Westphal, Bud Aschbacher, Frank Sykes, Gary Mitchell, Don Satchell, Harvey Rogers, H. Jarvis (Jerry) Turner, Bob Sacha, Jim Wurzer, Danny Guynn, Skip Harrington, John Brownschidle, Thomas Burke, Charles Kramer, Richard Johnston, Drury Williford, Ray Cotter, H. Hamilton, W. Leahy, Leo Lynett, Phil Boudreau, Frank Mathewson, R. Weisenborn, Robert Carver and probably many more too numerous to mention.

The Recreation Director at the time was Arthur D. Kobus along with the recreation commission William Christman, John Chalmers, Omar J. Lane, John Hoelscher, and William J. Regan.

The Association during its second year of existence had the opportunity to host the NY State Peewee Championship in March of 1965. Some of the familiar players in that tournament included Kevin McGuire, Chuck Sykes, Terry Brownschidle, Terry Sykes, Bill Bush, Mark Aschbacher, Pete Hunt, Sean Mccrossan, Ed McGuire, Keith Metzger, Brian Cavanaugh, Gary Hill, Ray Weil, Bill Graf, Mike Hanretty, David Smith, Mike Caruana, and Jay Hill!

Today, the Amherst Youth Hockey Association continues to be a leader in youth hockey, attracting players from all over the region who are looking for a high-quality hockey experience. With its focus on coaching, training, and character development, the association remains an important part of the community and a valuable resource for young players who are passionate about the game of hockey.

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